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Desperate Need of help for a breast cancer patient facing foreclosure

mselliott9 started this conversation
  • I am a breast cancer patient, who recently was diagnosed and then thrown into a masectomy, and now chemotherapy all in a period of 3 months, I have been off work for 6 months now, disability pays 50%. I am looking for programs or entitlement funds available to cancer patients that will help with mortgage payments and or other bills that pile up during an expected medial diagnosis. I live in Indiana, and I hear people say there is help out there,but have yet to find it. I can't handle the stress of possibly losing my house while I am trying to accept and come to terms of having cancer/chemo/masectomy.
  • I am battling the issue of not being able to eat, no appetite, immune system being destroyed by the chemo, and no energy left in me as my body is not getting the nutrients needed to help fight this fight. I have cancer-related fatigue, i have mental stress/depression, and I really am in need of desparate help.
  • please if you know of any programs, or anyone who is compassionate enough to help me a single mother of 2, grandmother of 3(all children are out of the house now so I am living and going thru this fight alone.)
  • please contact me asap
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Have you tried the government grant called Hamp. they maybe able to help you get back on your feet. I hope things work out for you good luck

Talk to molly7


I am sorry you have been diagnosed and going through treatment for breast cancer. I don't know off hand of any place other than NACA that might be able to help you with your house, that is hard one when going through cancer alone.

Here is the link to my blog

Check out pages 5,6 and 9 look for the word cancer and I hope it helps you. On page 9 in my blog is a house cleaning service that comes in to help any woman going through cancer. I know it might not seem like much but when mom had cancer if we weren't around and neighbors she couldn't have handled cleaning the house etc.

There is other information in my blog too.

See what help you get with those links and then call 211 to see what resources might be available to you, contact your local chamber of commerce or city hall to see if there is any help for you. Then even contact senior citizen center for anyreferences for you plus your doctor should know of something too.

You might want to contact your local hospice center to see if there is any help they can give you. 

I hope you find some help from my blog and what I gave you as I am trying to think of something else to give you.

Oh in my blog nationalsharedhousing is there too. 

Good luck and wish you wellness soon



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